Mace Defense Spray

Mace is a brand name and is a registered trade name for the brand of self-defense products manufactured by Mace Security International.

What is Mace Spray?

A Mace brand pepper spray either contains oleoresin capsicum (OC) with a UV marking dye or OC hot peppers, tear gas, and a UV marking dye. Below are a few of the Mace defense sprays we carry.

It contains 10%, OC Pepper and UV Dye

It contains 10% OC Pepper, Tear Gas, and UV Dye

History of Mace

Mace has been around for defense against crime since 1965. It was invented by a man named Allan Lee Litman after his wife, Doris, was threatened on the streets of Pittsburg.

In 1987, the chemical mace was sold to Smith & Wesson and manufactured by their Lake Erie Chemical division. Smith & Wesson subsequently transferred ownership to Jon E. Goodrich along with the rest of the chemical division in what is now Mace Security International.

The original formulation of MACE consisted of 1% phenacyl chloride (CN) in a solvent of 2-butanol, propylene glycol, cyclohexene, and di propylene glycol methyl ether. Though the design has been expanded on, the original chemical mace formula using only CN has been discontinued and replaced by OC formulas. However, Mace Security International still retains a popular “triple action” formula combining CN, OC, and an ultraviolet marker dye.

How does Pepper Spray Work?

The pepper spray products include an active ingredient derived from chili peppers that acts as an inflammatory agent. Pepper spray works on the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, lungs, and throat. On direct contact, OC pepper spray causes an intense burning sensation, shortness of breath, temporary blindness, and severe coughing.

These symptoms can persist from 15 to 30 minutes. It gives sufficient time to the victim to escape the messy situation.

Patterns of Mace Sprays

Forced Cone – best for most situations. A fine mist spray at a distance of 8-12 feet with minimum blow-back on to you. Blow-back can, however, be a problem in a mild breeze and uncontrollable in a strong wind.

Broken Stream/Heavy Stream – very effective for hitting multiple targets (or in the dark), can be fanned for covering a wider area. It provides the heaviest blast, but cans will empty quicker. The range is normally 15-20 feet, not affected by breezes and winds as much as fog and cone sprays.

Fogger – very good against multiple attackers and home use due to the barrier effect of the fog. Can, however, be some blow-back, which would contaminate you, especially if used outside in strong winds. This would still be minimal compared to the amount the attacker would receive. Most foggers have a range of 15-20 feet.

Foam – very good blow-back protection and immediate saturation, even in windy conditions. This thick, sticky foam works instantly on the attacker.

Gels – outperform conventional sprays by delivering extreme stopping power that blindfolds an attacker with reduced blowback from the wind. The gel stream technology sticks for the prolonged immobilization of an attacker.

How Should Mace Sprays Be Used?

If you have to use your traditional mace spray in self-defense, make sure that you have some distance between yourself and your attacker(s) if possible (you don’t want the spray to affect you). Aim the spray at the eyes and facial region of the threat, then release a 1 to a 2-second burst of spray. After you have done this, move away, but watch the attacker(s) carefully as you do so. By watching the reactions of your attacker(s), you will be able to tell if a further burst of spray is required. REMEMBER! Spray and move, spray and move. Once the threat has been incapacitated, seek help and call the police.

Shelf Life And Testing Of A Mace Defense Spray Product

Most mace and pepper spray have a shelf life of 3-4 years, although some expire after two years. The expiry date should be marked on the canister. Any use of the spray beyond the expiry date is highly unadvisable.

Mace aerosol spray should be tested by firing with half-second bursts, both after purchase and then on a regular basis of every 60-90 days. Testing must always be done outside without any wind blowing from behind you.

Are Mace Defense Sprays Legal?

States where we cannot ship a mace defense spray:

New York: You can buy pepper spray in pharmacies and from licensed firearms dealers in the state of NY. However, animal pepper sprays such as Mace Muzzle Dog Spray and Mace Bear Spray is legal to order online.

Massachusetts: You can buy a defense spray from a licensed firearms dealer in the state of MA. However, animal pepper sprays such as Mace Muzzle Dog Spray and Mace Bear Spray are legal to order online.

If you live in one of these states and want to buy Mace from us, please provide an alternate shipping address when you place your order.

If you are unsure of the restriction in your area, check with your local law enforcement for specific laws regarding the possession and use of Mace defense spray products.

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