Taser Guns for Women

When it comes to self-defense devices, women usually look for compact sizes, concealability, and high voltage capacity. Stun guns, taser guns, and stun batons are all packed with a strong electric charge to combat risky confrontations.

Tasers are equipped and trusted by law enforcement agencies worldwide.

You’d be surprised to know how far some women tasers can shoot. In case you miss your target, these electroshock weapons can also be used to stun an attacker during close encounters.

The powerful shock can cause individuals to drop down to the ground, feel involuntary muscle contractions, stop in their tracks, experience loss of balance, and more.

Many stun guns offer additional features like a stun gun flashlight to illuminate poorly lit areas and an in-built targeting laser for accurate aim. Stun guns come with a rechargeable battery and a safety switch that extends on both sides of the unit to prevent accidental discharge.

The two electrodes can stick into clothing or flesh upon direct contact, and shock plates provide extra defense. A mini stun gun has a wrist strap for concealed carry and gives protection while out and about!

Tasers and stun guns are not considered firearms. So, are Tasers legal? Yes, they are legal for law enforcement use in all 50 states.

However, checking your local taser laws before making a purchase is always recommended.

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