BandZorb Disposable Hat Liners

BandZorb disposable hat liners for visors, hats, caps, hard hats and helmets. Provides healthier skin and a cleaner hat.


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BandZorb disposable hat liners for visors, hats, caps, hard hats and helmets. Provides healthier skin and a cleaner hat. Protect your headwear with this revolutionary, new absorbent band. BandZorb liners are the world’s first disposable, eco-friendly, antimicrobial, super absorbent, self-adhesive liners that fit virtually all headwear including visors and helmets.

BandZorb Liner Features:

Liner interior absorbent body is 100% biodegradable

Thin, flexible, and extremely absorbent because it is made from a combination of 100% natural cotton and a top-quality natural absorbent used in baby diapers, feminine products, incontinence products, and medical products. The 100% cotton spun lace nonwoven fabric meets specifications of all international pharmacopoeia standards.

Antimicrobial properties help prevent microbes from growing in the disposable liner and therefore in the permanent headwear band.

Soft and comfortable because cotton and natural wood pulp are combined to provide gentle comfort and super-absorption.

Superior adhesive quality allows the liner to stay in place for many hours of active wear.

No sticky residue left behind on the permanent band when the disposable liner is removed.

Handy portable ziplock package makes the product convenient to use.

Self-adhesive and easy to apply to the permanent band of headwear. Just peel off the paper backing of the BandZorb Liner and stick by pressing the disposable liner against the permanent band that touches the forehead area. Begin by placing the center point of the disposable BandZorb Liner against the center point of the permanent band first. Then press the remaining BandZorb Liner in place.

Fully disposable. After the liner has absorbed sweat and soil, just toss it away.

Eco-friendly BandZorb Liners are produced in the United States at a manufacturing plant that uses renewable energy. BandZorb provides jobs and performs a practical, global hygienic purpose.

1 5/8 inch x 14 inches (contains 6 liners)

Best Use for the Incredibly Soft, and Comfortable BandZorb liner:

BandZorb liners are tested for several hours of active wear for superior adhesive and absorbent qualities.
These disposable liners perform best when used on clean, dry, permanent headwear bands. They are not recommended for headwear that has accumulated soil. BandZorb has superior adhesion, but not on a dirty or damp surface.

Frequent liner changes not only help to protect your hats from the damage of accumulated sweat and soil, they also help protect your skin from bacteria that normally accumulates on your permanent headwear band.

Liners should not be cut or trimmed in order to retain their integrity and prevent shredding and tearing.

Individuals who perspire more than others will especially appreciate the convenience of quickly replacing soaked, soiled liners. For example some golfers will be able to play 18 holes without changing the liner, while others may want to change their liner at the end of nine.

Weather conditions and activities vary and that will also affect how often an individual will want to change liners.

When more than one person wears the same headwear, it is highly recommended that a new liner be used for hygienic reasons. For instance, restaurant employees, graduation cap rentals, costume headwear, team sports programs, marching bands and many more need BandZorb liners for cleanliness.

Both sizes fit a variety of headwear. Determine the permanent band width and length of your headwear to help you order the BandZorb Liners that are the best fit. BandZorb Liners fit almost all visors, hats, caps, and helmets comfortably and perform extremely well.

BandZorb Liners are absorbent and disposable providing you with healthier skin and a cleaner hat. Why sweat it!

BandZorb Liners are very affordable, so keep liners quickly available and in sizes to fit each new hat, cap, visor, or helmet you may own.

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