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4 Best Tasers for Women – Keep Yourself Protected

I went to my friend’s place last month. Sadly, it wasn’t a typical visit because she was deeply saddened by the accidental deaths of her two cats. To see her, I went. I also had the opportunity to visit the Florida pet cemetery.

personal tasers woman

We encountered an unpleasant incident while we were returning. Someone came at and assaulted us. Fortunately, I had a taser in my purse. Asa result, he soon fell to his knees after I quickly grabbed it and halted him in his tracks. And as we were about to flee, we called the police for assistance.

My friend, who was already discouraged, was more terrified. I, however, saved both our lives. I had the opportunity to work in a store that sold weapons for self-defense. I learned how to use tasers there while also selling others.

I gave one of my friend tasers as a Christmas present, and now I’m teaching her how to use them. I also advise her to start mourning like a coward since the time for just being victimized and living in uncertainty has long since passed.

Women of this society need to become invincible, like a perfect storm or a shooting star. But, always remember a strong lady never back off; she fights till her last breath.

If you aren’t a fan of heavy guns, secure yourself with a self-defense device like tasers, pepper sprays, knives, etc. In the following write-up, I have mentioned the best taser for women.

Let us get started now!

Top 4 Picks for the Best Tasers for Women

There are numerous options available on the market. It gets really difficult to find the best option among all.

I recently got the chance to buy and use the taser, so I decided to write a blog to share my experience with all of you.

Let’s get started!



tazers for women tazers for women

Establish a sturdy defense while you are out with the Vipertek its-881. This is a great self-defense device for ladies. This incredible gimmick is compact and lightweight, as it will love to stay in your evening clutch, bag, and pocket. This powerful mini stun gun comes with a serious punch, and its intimidating loud sound can stop the attackers in their tracks.

If there is still danger, don’t worry; the deadly jolt from this stun gun will surely bring the attackers to their knees. The safety switch and trigger buttons of this pink stun gun are on opposite sides of the unit to allow the safety to be turned off, and the trigger is pressed in less than one second.


  • Led flashlight
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Non-slip rubber coating
  • Safety switch
  • Vibrant pink color rubber body
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Size 3.75″x1.5″x0.75

2. Taser Pulse+ Self-Defense Tool

best taser gun for women

The Taser pulse self-defense tool satisfies the defensive need of women. This is a great self-defense device that is perfect for beginners. This super stun gun is lightweight, easy to carry, and shockingly powerful. And this stun gun also comes with a safety and laser sight to help improve accuracy while shooting.

Additionally, it can strike the assailant at 15 feet away. The attacker will be disabled in 30 seconds. Isn’t it incredible? This stun gun comes with a free trial of a Noon light installed on your mobile. In addition to tasing your attacker, it will also alert your area police of the incident, which will speed up their reaction time.


  • Easy replacement batteries
  • High-impact polymer body
  • Replaceable cartridges
  • Weight 0.5 pounds
  • Range 15 feet
  • Color pulse+ black
  • One-year warranty

3. VIPERTEK VTS-195 Flashlight Taser

best rated stun gun woman

Despite having the appearance of a flashlight, the Vipertek vts-195 flashlight taser is a fully functional self-defense taser. It contains a rechargeable battery and a tactical led flashlight and is lightweight. This great led flashlight gun releases painful stopping power and ensures the ultimate protection.

This heavy-duty stun gun is ideal for women who want to feel safe from an attacker when out at night, such as those who work out at night, have late shifts at work, or may need to take their dog for a late-night walk or bathroom break.


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction
  • Built-in bright led flashlight
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Weight 0.75 pounds
  • Safety switch
  • Wrist strap
  • Capacity 59 milliamps
  • Lifetime warranty


handheld tasers woman

I am pleased to mention that the Vipertek vts-989 is one of the top best stun guns available today. For other defense, sharp spikes are connected and side shock plates in addition to the stun gun. The ultra-sharp spikes can penetrate through thick clothing. When the stun gun simply plugs into the built-in wall charger, you will feel yourself in a peaceful state of mind. As a result, you can carry it wherever you go.

Additionally, it is more challenging for an attacker to take your device. It has employed professional self-defense equipment and a powerful heavy-duty stun gun flashlight combination. The stun technology of this stun gun delivers painful stopping power. One of the best tasers for women that ensures safety. It comes with a rechargeable battery and led flashlight.


  • Charging cord
  • Wrist strap
  • Holster case
  • Tactical flashlight
  • Shock plates
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Color black
  • Snatch prevention technology
  • Weight 0.25 kg

Buying Guide

I am giving you a buying guide to assist you in buying the tasers for yourself.

Let us have a look!

Safety Features

When you aim to buy, just carefully check the safety features. For example, the best stun gun for women must have two safety mechanisms. The first is to prevent accidental discharge, while the second prevents the device from being used against you.

Tasers and stun guns for women should be designed in a way that has a non-slip grip, belt loop, led light, wall charger, or a built-in charger, the brighter flashlight,

This self-defense weapon has a safety pin attached to a lanyard that you can wrap around your wrist. If anyone tries to snatch the stun gun off you, the pressure on the lanyard will pull out the safety pin, rendering the device uncatchable.


These self-defense tasers for women are designed in a way that they are easy to use. That means it needs to be small enough to fit in your hand and light enough that you feel confident handling it.

Additionally, these tasers for women also can disguise, among other items. Therefore, you can carry these with you wherever you go.

Large or heavy taser guns are difficult to access and activate, making them less effective, while extremely compact tasers for women aren’t difficult to locate in an emergency. As compared to traditional firearms, self-defense products are extremely sleek and the best choice for self-defense.

Ease of Use

The best stun gun is one already in your hand when you need to use it, making a knuckle-duster-style taser for women. Not only can you carry it in your hand, but it’s also concealed when you do.

These brass knuckles and the sting ring of the taser also make it a highly compact device to carry and use. A sting ring stun gun for women is one of the best tasers that gives ease while you are walking, jogging, running, and traveling.

Although it has a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge, a built-in wall charger, dedicated flashlight, rechargeable batteries, and wrist strap are the components that make it easy to use.

Similarly, the activation switch should be positioned within easy reach so you can trigger it quickly, even when in danger. The led flashlight of the stun gun can be used as an EDC product.


Although self-defense devices such as a taser, pepper spray, and stun gun for women are legal in most states, there are restrictions on their design and use in some states.

In California, for example, stun knuckles and stun batons are prohibited. It is legal for anyone to carry standard stun guns and tasers, but you can’t take them into schools, airports, or government buildings. Different taser

In some states, like Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Wisconsin, there is a need to have a concealed carry permit to carry a stun gun.

You need to check all the legal requirements and local laws of your community before buying a device to make yourself calm and

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Is the Most Effective Place to Taser Someone?

This amazing stun gun delivers painful stopping power when used mostly on the face, neck, and under the arms, stomach, thighs, and groin areas will have the most impact as points of contact.

Additionally, the face and neck are the most effective and painful targets. Consider large muscle areas or places with lots of nerves that are the ideal place to shock an attacker.

2. What Happens after Someone Is Tased?

When someone is tased, muscles receive the stimulus, which causes them to contract briefly yet steadily. The taser has two operating modes: the first, pulse mode, results in neuromuscular incapacitation.

The brain signals controlling the muscles become organized, and the muscles contract randomly. Drive-stun, the second mode, employs discomfort to induce compliance.


As we all know, women need to be able to protect and defend themselves more in today’s society than ever before. But, unfortunately, you can’t always rely on the police to protect you, so sometimes, there is a need to take matters into our own hands.

There are various self-defense weapons available to women; of these, the taser or stun gun is one of the most powerful and easy to use.

The great stun guns or tasers are compact, safe, simple to operate, discreet, and pack a heavy punch. When it sounds serious, you can say I’m talking 14 million volts!

I have listed the women stun guns and best tasers which are the best among all. You can choose your own best fit according to your choice. Your empty cart isn’t looking safe; order to make it more secure.

You can take a certified taser training class to learn the best use of a stun gun—for your personal protection.

Order with trust. Women on Guard is a highly trustable store, so don’t think twice and start ordering quickly.

Don’t forget to share your experience by commenting below!

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