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How to Use Pepper Spray

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The statistics surrounding violence against women are alarming. According to the World Bank, 35% of women have been the victim of physical or sexual assault, and this only accounts for attacks that have been reported.


Use Pepper Spray

Our objective here, however, is not to instill fear in your minds. Instead, we want to talk about one of the many ways through which women can protect themselves against attackers. We are committed to your security!

There are many self-defense tools easily available for women that they can use to protect themselves against unwarranted advances. An important thing to note is that when you don’t know how to use these tools properly, you can cause harm to yourself.

Although these self-defense tools claim to be non-lethal weapons, one should always remember that misuse of any firearm can cause severe complications or even fatality.

The self-defense pepper spray is an excellent safety tool that anyone can be trained to use easily and effectively. These are super portable and are extremely handy in fight or flight scenarios! During an attack, pepper spray can help save your life or someone else’s life.

Let’s discuss how to use pepper spray. Read on to find out more about this effective method of self-defense.

What is a Pepper Spray?

These sprays include a combination of inert ingredients and Oleoresin Capsicum (or OC). OC is an oily resin that can stick to skin, and it comes from hot cayenne or chili peppers with at least two million Scoville heat units.

OC works as an inflammatory agent and produces results immediately. The spray must come into contact with a person’s mucous membranes in the nose, throat, eyes, or lungs. It can cause temporary blindness and shortness of breath.

The effective range of pepper sprays can be up to 10 feet. The irritant effects of this defense spray can last from 20 to 45 minutes; the duration of its impact depends on the strength of the spray.

The effect of pepper spray buys you enough time to escape or to run away at the most available opportunity from your assailant and reach a safe place. Using pepper spray also gives you self-assurance of tackling multiple threats due availability of many shots options.

The effects of pepper spray are not permanent or lethal. Although, there have been reported deaths that were linked to the use of pepper spray. However, the pepper spray in question was stronger than commercially available products and contained abnormal ingredients, such as alcohol and hydrocarbons.

How To Use Pepper Spray the Right Way

pepper spray

A pepper spray canister sometimes packs a powerful combination of active ingredients, including OC and tear gas. This combination can seriously harm even if it doesn’t touch the skin.

The tear gas can be inhaled through the air and causes the same symptoms as a regular pepper spray.

If you’re not careful with your self-defense spray, you can end up spraying yourself or innocent bystanders. Read on to learn more about the right way to use it.

Get To Know Your Pepper Spray

The most common type of pepper spray comes in canisters that often vary in design from brand to brand. You must make sure you know how to use your pepper spray (and confirm that it isn’t defective) before you’re in an emergency.

A lot of pepper sprays come with twist lock technology which allows you to switch the canister into safety mode to prevent accidental discharge.

First, get used to how the spray feels in your hands. Make sure you know how to remove the safety and practice with it until you never find that you are pointing it at yourself.

It is essential to orient yourself to your spray and understand how to use it properly when the time arises. A sudden episode of fear may cause a panic attack, so you better be mentally and physically prepared to take any risk head on!

With a pepper spray you’re always confident, protected, and ready!

The unique stream spray pattern provides personal protection due to better aim and reduces accidental discharge. Usually, a defense spray comes in the form of gel sprays that reduce the chances of misfires and unseemly blowbacks during windy conditions.

Head to a deserted outdoor area on a low-wind day to test your pepper spray. If there is any wind, make sure you’re spraying along with the direction of the wind current and not against it. Point its mouth away from you and hold down the trigger with your thumb for five seconds.

The correct way to hold the spray is to place it in the palm of your strong hand and form a fist around it. Always use your thumb to access the trigger.

Using your index finger to push the actuator leaves you in a vulnerable position as the attacker can easily snatch it away from you. The experts discourage the use of an index finger under such circumstances.

Take note of how far the stream reaches. This will give you an indication of how close you’ll need to be to an attacker to spray their face or other exposed area.

Your self-defense spray is no good to you if you cannot reach it in time. Make sure that it is easy to get to when you need it. Always make sure the spray is in your hands when you are in a vulnerable situation such as a parking lot, an alley, or even when entering or exiting a building.

Therefore, find a convenient place in your car, purse, backpack, or coat pocket to store the pepper spray with easy access. Outer jacket pockets or a holster on the hip is your best bet. Make sure that placing it in your purse or wearing it as a keychain doesn’t inhibit your ability to get to it quickly.

Lastly, always check the expiration date on your spray canister before carrying it with you. With time the propellant in the canister loses pressure and becomes less effective as a result. If you own an expired canister, replacing it with a new one is highly recommended.

Proper Posture and Defensive Moves

Practice makes a man perfect! You will experience heightened awareness when you are in vulnerable positions if you practice using this spray beforehand.

This includes times when you are out all by yourself or in dark, secluded areas. When you are hyper-aware of your surroundings, you are less likely to be caught off guard by an attacker.

Carry pepper spray with you wherever you go, and you’re sure to shock the bad guy with this unassuming self-defense pepper spray.

If you are approached, get out your pepper spray and remove the safety. At the same time, take a step or two away from your attacker and bend at the knees. Lift both hands in front of your face and avoid extending your arms all the way out in front of you.

The whole point of using self-defense products is to avoid being in close contact with your attacker. Always avoid getting close and maintain a safe distance from your target.

You will want to use your thumb to hold down the trigger of your pepper spray. This gives you a firm grip on the canister and allows you to keep your other hand free in the event that you must punch or shove the attacker.

Once you have sprayed the attacker, always keep your eyes on your attacker and move away from the area. This will give you more distance from any residual spray in the air. It will also confuse your attacker, who is now temporarily blinded but may lunge toward the location where they last saw you standing.

How To Use Pepper Spray

best women pepper spray

There are a few different types of dispersal patterns when it comes to pepper spray. Most pepper sprays release a stream spray pattern and tend to have the highest range.

They are most effective when sprayed across the eyes and nose in a horizontal motion. The stream pattern is similar to a water gun, shooting straight out. As a result, it requires proper aim.

Some pepper sprays release a mist. The mist or fog sprays are commonly used in animal repellents like bear spray. These should be sprayed vertically, from the forehead area to the chin and back again.

The mist sprays do not require precise aim, and they work much quicker than other spray patterns.

Finally, some pepper sprays release foam and have the lowest range. These you will need to spray in a circular motion as the foam directly hit the attacker’s face. Foam sprays are an excellent choice for use in enclosed areas.

When to Use Pepper Spray

According to pepper spray manufacturers, it is legal to use pepper spray for self-defense in all 50 states of America. However, some states only allow the use and carry of pepper spray under certain circumstances.

Keep in mind that all states have laws against the illegal use of these sprays. Local laws regulate the use of pepper spray. Unlawful use of pepper spray can lead to court cases and fines.

The lawful use of pepper spray is in self-defense. For example, if an attacker is threatening harm, wielding a weapon, or is larger or stronger than you, you can use pepper spray to protect yourself.

Make sure you remain calm and keep your eyes on the threat when deploying pepper spray, so you know that you’ve hit your target. Remember always to stay alert and be mindful of your surroundings so you can prepare for any potential threats.

The use of pepper spray is considered unlawful when it involves excessive force or is sprayed recklessly in a crowded area, causing harm to innocent bystanders. It is also illegal to use pepper spray offensively rather than defensively.

In other words, you may use pepper spray against someone who is clearly trying to cause you harm. While you want to practice hyper-awareness, you do not want to overreact when you are startled by someone who is merely passing by.

Where to Purchase Pepper Spray

Now that you know how to use pepper spray, it’s important that you purchase yours from a reputable seller.

At Women on Guard, we specialize in self-defense tools that are designed to fit legal regulations and increase the security of women across the nation. For any additional information about our products, contact us today.




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