Mace Security Package

Our Mace Security Package includes Mace products for your personal protection. Mace Security International, Inc. leads the way in personal protection and is the manufacturer of defense, safety and security products. This package qualifies for FREE Shipping.


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Our Mace Security Package is designed to include Mace products for your personal protection. Mace Security International, Inc. is the manufacturer of defense, safety and security products. Mace means security!

Mace Security Package Includes:

Mace Pepper Gun Distance Defense Spray (80405, 80404) is the most accurate non-lethal self defense pepper spray. Ideal for distance defense with the convenience and accuracy of a point-and-shoot handgun design, its advanced delivery system allows you to defend yourself from up to 20 feet away, and from any angle. There are 2 color choices to choose from: Black, or Pink.

Pepper spray gun dispenser (2 color choices)

  • Trigger activated LED light. Black unit has a Strobe LED.
  • 1 Replaceable cartridge (28g pepper spray, 7 short blasts)
  • 1 Practice cartridge (water)
  • Battery for LED light operation
  • Additional practice and pepper spray cartridges sold separately.
  • Made in the USA

Mace Pepper Gun Nylon Holster (80105) with snap closure and belt loop.

  • Nylon holster with snap closure and belt loop

Mace Keyguard Pink, Black, or Teal (80365, 80366, 80438) at approximately 3 inches long with a compact design.

  • 3 inches long with compact design
  • 3 gram unit
  • Contains approximately 6, 1-second blasts
  • Effective range up to 5 feet
  • Available in pink, black, or teal,

Mace Brand Keyguard Refill (900097) for the Mace Keyguard

  • Mace Brand Refill
  • Contains 45 Grams of OC pepper formula
  • a single canister can refill a unit approximately 5 – 7 times

Our Mace Security Package qualifies for FREE Shipping.

Mace Pepper Spray is 100% TSA/FAA compliant for checked baggage airline travel. For any questions, please check with the airline.

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