Mini Stun Baton 4.5 Million Volts Rechargeable

Mini Stun Baton by Stun Master carries 4.5 Million volts of shocking power. Stun batons disrupt the messages the brain sends to the voluntary muscles.


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Triple Stun Technology coupled with 7.2 Million Volts makes the Streetwise Mini Security Guard Stun Flashlight one of the best compact tactical stun flashlights. This stun flashlight is easy to carry and conceal at 5.5 inches long and less than a quarter in diameter. Triple Stun Technology is comprised of 3 contacts allowing the electrical charge to go through 3 separate points on the top of the stun flashlight. Most of the stun guns on the market today only have 1 or 2 points of contact. Note: when test firing the electric current will only be visible in the center but the sides will also shock which creates a larger stun radius.

The exterior of the unit is shock proof and made of military grade aluminum alloy protecting the unit from damage. The non slip grip has an etched ribbed handle that ensures a firm grip.The mini stun flashlight is economically and environmentally friendly. The stun gun and flashlight are fully rechargeable and the light bulb has a life of up to 100,000 hours.

Not only will the flashlight illuminate the entire area at night, but it can also help to protect you. When the blinding 1 watt LED light is shined in someones eyes, it has a temporary blinding effect that will make it easier for you to immobilize the attacker with the stun.

A safety switch is located on the bottom of the stun flashlight which prevents accidental discharge. The included recharge cord plugs into a standard wall outlet. Ease of carry is possible with the included holster with belt loop and attached wrist strap. Lifetime warranty included as well.

Mini Stun Flashlight Features:
– Easy to Carry and Conceal
– Triple Stun Technology
– Shock Proof Exterior
– No Slip Grip
– Blinding 1 Watt LED Light
– Economically and Environmentally Friendly
– Safety Switch
– Rechargeable
– Holster with Belt Loop and Wrist Strap
– Lifetime Warranty

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4.5 Million Volts




Stun Master Stun Baton






9 1/2 inches x 2 1/8 inches


Rechargeable, Wrist strap with disable pin, LED Flashlight


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