Blowguns And Accessories

A Blowgun, also called a blow pipe or blow tube is a simple weapon consisting of a narrow, long tube for firing light projectiles or darts. The weapon is used by inserting the projectile inside the pipe and using the force created by one’s breath to give the projectile momentum. Many cultures have used this weapon, but various indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia, the Amazon French Guiana, regions of South America and Guatemala in Central America are best known for its use. There are several competition styles practiced around the world. A standardization of competition style, based upon fukiya, is being pursued by the International Fukiyado Association and hopes to become an Olympic event. It is a 10-meter (33 ft) target shooting, using a standardized barrel caliber and length, and a standardized dart length and weight as outlined by IFA. As a primitive weapon, there are no set dimensions for a blowgun’s length and diameter. However, generally there are several sizes.

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