Portable Solar Kettle

Portable Water Filter Straw is a mini water filter system that turns rain, lake, mountain springs, streams, and river water into drinkable water immediately. It can be used for activities like travel, hiking, cycling, hunting, camping, expedition, climbing, fishing, survival, military, and emergency.


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Our Portable Solar Kettle is great for traveling, boating, camping, hiking, military, survival, and any emergency need. It can also be used at home to save energy cost. The Portable Solar Kettle can hold up to 3 cups of water. It has a built-in evacuated glass tube boosted by solar wings that increase the energy from the sun and can boil water in 30 minutes. Heating and pasteurizing water for safe drinking is easy. No batteries, no moving parts, and no fuel cost. It has a built-in stand to hold the kettle in a reclining position so it faces the sun. Measures 18 inches x 4 inches.

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