Comb Knife, Black

Comb Knife, Black


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Even though it is a novelty item, this Black Comb Knife is the perfect, concealed, self defense tool on the market today. These knives are great to give as gifts. It is covertly disguised as a comb and then transforms into a knife that can be used for self defense. Perfect for when you are on the go. When you take the almost 6.5 inch comb apart, you will reveal a 3.5 inch blade. The handle is approximately 3 inches in length. Due to the size, you can pretty much carry it anywhere undetected. It is an economical alternative to the traditional fixed blade knife. Perfect for stashing in your purse for an extra measure of protection and great for beginners.

Black Comb Knife Features:
– Pink Comb Knife with real comb
– Handle is 3 inches long
– Blade length 3.5 inches
– Overall length 6.5 inches
– Available in 2 colors, pink or black comb knife

You can use it as a martial arts tool and stab in close-quarter combat. You can also use it as a window breaker during an emergency, at home or in your car.

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Blade Length 3.5 inches, Handle 3 inches long, Overall Knife Length 6.25 inches




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