Russian Fighting System DVD with Vladimir Vasiliev

RUSSIAN FIGHTING SYSTEM. This unique and almost lost art is the only hand to hand fighting system taught to the feared and deadly Russian Spetsnaz soldiers!


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VLADIMIR VASILIEV is a former Russian super soldier in the elite Spetznaz secret service of the Russian Army. He was so well-trained in every aspect of combat that even the dreaded KGB were terrified of him. When Vladimir escaped to Canada from Russia, everybody wanted him including the US military. They were all eager to learn his combat secrets. He came to the U.S. and still the military couldn’t get his fighting secrets. You cannot find a qualified teacher of these vicious hand-to-hand fighting secrets anywhere in the United States. This stuff is hands-down the best-kept secret among insiders in the world of serious combat.

Total Run Time: 4 Hrs on 3-Tapes

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