TASER Pulse Black


TASER Pulse has the same take-down power used by law enforcement. With the TASER Pulse, you can immobilize an attacker from up to 15 feet away for up to 30 seconds, thus giving you time to make a Safe Escape. Under ideal circumstances, you would deploy the Pulse, drop the unit and it will continue to deliver the stunning pulse giving you 30 seconds to run to safety. The small size and pistol shape of the TASER Pulse provides discreet carry capabilities like a subcompact firearm.

Designed for on-the-body conceal carry, the Pulse is sub-compact and gun shape. Instead of a deadly force like a hand gun would project, the TASER Pulse uses two barbed wires as projectiles. These barbs are connected to the unit by thin wires in a cartridge setting. When deployed, the cartridge shoots the two barbs into the assailant sending an electrical current which overrides the brains command in the assailants muscles causing them to seize up and stop working.

The unit has a built-in laser for aiming and an integral LED flashlight for identifying the target.

If the TASER Pulse is used in a self-defense situation and left at the scene, TASER International will replace the device free of charge with a police report.

TASERs are safe to own, easy to use, legal to carry, and *legal to carry without a license in most states.

TASER Pulse Features:
– Subcompact design with intuitive user interface: High-impact polymer construction. The small size and pistol shape provides a discreet carry capability.
– Shaved safety levers and angled integrated sights: For a comfortable conceal carry and prevention of snagging when withdrawing or re-holstering device.
– Red class II LASER: LASER assisted targeting, color contrasting iron sights.
– LED Flashlight: High efficiency flashlight ensures you can identify the target in dimly lit areas or at night.
– User-replaceable lithium battery: Battery lasts for approximately 50, 30-second firings. Has an illuminated battery status indicator light displaying remaining battery life.
– Replaceable cartridges: Compatible with TASER C2/Pulse cartridges.
– Tactile trigger and safety: Pulling the trigger activates a single cycle (30 seconds). Ambidextrous safety switch.
– 15 foot safety range with back-up stun gun capability: Immobilize attackers at a safe distance.
– Safe Escape Product Replacement Program: If the TASER Pulse is used for self-defense and it is left at the scene, TASER will replace the device free of charge.

TASER Pulse Dimensions:
– Length: 5.25″
– Height: 4.75″
– Width: 1.25″
– Weight: 8 ounces (227g)

TASER Pulse Specifications:
Output Specifications:
– Wave form: Exclusive TASER Shaped Pulse technology
– Firing duration: 30 seconds
– Pulse rate: 19 pulses per second (PPS) for 5 seconds, 12 PPS for 15 seconds, ½-second break, 19 PPS for 1.5 seconds, 8 PPS for the remaining 8 seconds.
Operating and Storage Temperature Range: -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius) to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius).
Operating Relative Humidity: Up to 80% (non-condensing).
Power Source: Non-rechargeable 6 volt lithium battery pack provides energy for approximately 50, 30-second discharges.

What’s in the TASER Pulse Package:
– TASER Pulse unit
– Replaceable lithium battery
– 2 live cartridges
– Conductive target
– Protective soft cover
– Quick start guide


* TASER Pulse restricted in: Washington DC, HI, MA, NY, RI, and certain cities and counties. Legal in CT, IL, MI, and WI with certain restrictions and requirements. If you have any questions regarding your ability to own or carry a TASER Pulse in your state or municipality, please consult your local law enforcement agency for more information. TASERs are only available for sale in the United State of America and Puerto Rico.

Maintain PEACE OF MIND in your home and/or business and buy the Industry leading less than lethal weapon, the TASER PULSE, manufactured by TASER International. For home and business defense. Made in the USA.


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