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7 Reasons to Always Carry Pepper Spray with You

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Be An Opponent, Not A Victim.

In this scary world where violence is shockingly increasing with every passing day, many women walking alone suffer in fear as they cling to their belongings and frantically glance over their shoulders. The threat of assault is terrifying.

Regrettably, many instances of rape, battering, and others are happening daily.

According to a rough statistical measure, approximately 49% of women report feeling unsafe walking alone at night.

Walking with a self-defense tool will make ladies more comfortable and confident. Investing instead of in hefty weapons such as handguns, pistols, or armoires, to ensure personal safety with this tiny weapon is a great idea.

Fortunately, One of the most popular ways is carrying pepper spray. It provides another extra layer of safety in critical situations.

There are many reasons to carry pepper spray. We’ll reveal our top 10 reasons to carry pepper spray for self-defense if you keep reading.

Let’s get started!

What Is Pepper Spray?

It is a non-lethal option that helps you guard against any attack. Use pepper spray for personal protection and scare away your attacker.

It’s common in movies to see women grabbing spray and spraying it in their attacker’s face.

As a result, rendering the attacker hunched over, clutching his reddening face, and staggering to the ground, helpless.

Most pepper spray devices are also known as oleoresin capsicum, an oil that produces tears when sprayed on the face. The element responsible for heat, pain, and momentary blindness is capsicum, which is a chemical commonly found in peppers.

Members of the police force also carry this defensive tool to ward off dangerous criminals if they do not cooperate.

Is Pepper Spray Different from Mace?

You may have heard of pepper spray and mace. While the two are similar, the names are not interchangeable.

It delivers a powerful inflammation that irritates the eyes by dilating capillaries. Chemical mace is also a spray but works more like tear gas and does not produce the same results as pepper spray. Mace and pepper spray are two separate formulas and products.

Results of Being Sprayed with Pepper Spray

Being affected with it is no picnic for the victim. When diffuse it is made with highly concentrated with capsicum, the person may experience:

Aching in the eyes

Excessive watering of the eyes

Reddening of the skin around the eyes

Trouble breathing

Extra coughing

Unable to speak

Temporary blindness

These symptoms can last anywhere from 30 minutes or longer. In rare cases, It can also cause symptoms that could lead to a heart attack or stroke of some people.

7 Reasons to Keep Pepper Spray Handy

As you can see, pepper spray can be an premium safety shield for women. However, you must be prepared to fight back if you face any threat or attack.

Here are ten reasons why you should keep it with you.

1. Use It on Multiple Attackers

Sometimes women will be attacked by more than one person. Using pepper spray allows you to fight back against them at once.

Cone and fog pepper sprays are designed to spray at a wide range, some even spraying up to 20 feet.

2. Economical

Some self-defense tools might be hard to buy and require training or a license to carry them,

It is an affordable and aQQaccessible option for women who wants to feel protected without carrying a lethal weapon. Most pepper sprays will run around or under $15.

3. Easy to Carry

When carrying a self-defense tool, you want to ensure it’s light and totally so you can grab it when you need it.

Most cans are small enough to carry in a bag or in your purse. However, you don’t want to ruminate about it before it’s too late.

So before you head out alone, slip the pepper spray under your sleeve so you’re prepared if necessary.

It is the best discreetly disguised tool; some even come with alarms for extra safety, clips, or a key ring to make it easy to grab and use.

4. It’s Legal (Mostly)

This tiny tool is legal to purchase and take within most states. But every state will have its stipulations and limitations.

So check with your state’s law and ensure you abide by them to avoid any trouble.

Bear spray is the best substitute in states that don’t allow you to use OC gas. The dispersal of bear spray is both forceful and intense, helping to stop an attacker just like it’s designed to prevent a bear.

5. No Permanent Damage

Pepper spray is considered nonlethal, though that doesn’t diminish its painful effects! Even though the victim may suffer tremendously, after 30 minutes or more, the results have subsided with no constant damage.

As mentioned before, in rare cases, pepper spray can cause one to have complications. For example, people with asthma will have more trouble breathing and recovering than the average person.

6. Easy to Use

Because pepper spray is light and doesn’t require weeks of training, it’s simple to use. Using spray requires very little training. Just point and spray; in some cases, merely spraying it into the air is enough to cause a reaction.

7. Can Be Used in Combination with Other Defensive Devices

You don’t need to be used independently. It can be paired with anything. You may want to take it with your firearm and a striking baton for a whole battery of options.

8. Best Self-defense Tool

With this fantastic tool, you can guard yourself without getting worried. For all the reasons that have been mentioned above, it is the premium choice to use for personal safety.

9. Time to Escape

When you use pepper spray for self-defense, you get the time to run away from the spot and be able to call to cops for help. Also, you can attract the attention of others if it is possible.

10. It Could save Your Life

As much as women try to stay together as a group for protection, sometimes it’s just not possible.

However, a little can of pepper spray could save your life if you become a target of attack. It truly can offer you peace of mind.

Where to Buy Pepper Spray?

Many online and brick-and-mortar stores sell pepper spray, so it’s easy to come by. When shopping for it, make sure you decide what size you’d like.

This will determine the size and type that will work best for you.

Protect Yourself with Pepper Spray!

It is an excellent choice as a self-defense tool. It’s easy to carry and use, rendering the assailant powerless so that any woman can feel protected and powerful.

Are you thinking about using it for self-defense?

We have a complete line to choose from, so you’re bound to find something you love.

Check out our page today!

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