Tasers for Women

When it comes to self-defense stun guns, women usually look out for compact sizes, concealability, and high voltage capacity. This is the reason why women’s tasers are trending these days as the most popular self-defense device.

Women can choose from a plethora of self-defense products available in the market today. Pepper sprays have long been on the top list of women for providing safety in dangerous situations. Unlike pepper spray, stun gun produces no blowback, so it’s safer for the person wielding them at any distance.

Stun guns, taser guns, and stun batons are all packed with a strong electric charge to combat risky confrontations.

Tasers have been equipped and trusted by law enforcement and security agencies worldwide. A taser is featured best selling non-lethal tool due to its high-tech functionality, durability, and user-friendly craftsmanship. Tasers are also stun guns but differ from regular ones as they are long-range weapons and can allow the user to maintain a safe distance when threatened.

You’d be surprised to know how far some women tasers can shoot. Tasers for women can fire a 50,000 volt electric shock from a distance of up to 15 feet, allowing you to stay out of harm’s way. The cartridges work anywhere on the body, unlike other personal defense options with a specified target area.

In case you miss your target, they can also be used to stun an attacker during close encounters.

The powerful electric shock can cause individuals to drop down to the ground, feel involuntary muscle contractions, stop in tracks, experience loss of balance, and more. The stun gun boasts neuromuscular immobilization that disables an aggressor for 30 seconds, allowing you precious moments to escape danger.

It’s also important to note that, unlike other forms of lethal and non-lethal self-defense, a taser’s pain effects wear off as soon as the device is disabled, and only a little aftercare might be needed.

Best stun guns offer additional features like a tactical led flashlight to illuminate poorly lit areas and an in-built targeting laser for an accurate aim. Stun guns come with a rechargeable battery, and a safety switch that extends on both sides of the unit o prevent accidental discharge. The stun gun unit also features an indicator light showing battery power levels.

The metal prongs can stick into clothing or flesh upon direct contact, and shock plates provide extra defense. This self-defense tool has a wrist strap for easy carrying and gives protection while jogging, out on a first date, camping, traveling, or just being at home.

Most stun guns for women have a feminine design and size to fit easily in a handbag or purse. Tasers for women are crafted with long-lasting material and a contoured handle for a firm grip on the trigger during an emergency. Usually, only minimal aftercare is required for the maintenance of stun guns.

Tasers also require minimal training to use the functions, which also lets the women easily use tasers whenever needed. Taser stun guns for women are a little heavy on the pocket, but worth every penny you’ll spend!

Tasers and stun guns are not considered firearms. They are legal for law enforcement use in all 50 states. Stun guns are legal for civilian use in most states. You can legally purchase small tasers to protect yourself during perilous scenarios without using excessive force.

However, checking your local laws before making a purchase is always recommended.

It is the best self-defense you can buy for women and men. A taser stun gun is safe to own, easy to use, and legal to carry. We are always available to assist if you aren’t sure which one is best for your specific scenario.

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