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We create innovative technology that makes the world a safer, more human place. Our goal is to make the bullet obsolete, and we invite you to be a part of that journey

With the mission of making this world a safer and more human place to make bullets obsolete. As “Women on Guard,” we are trying to stand up for women’s safety.

Men are robust and can guard themselves. But women are considered beautiful and fragile creatures. So we want to shape our women into empowered and beautiful entities of this world.

There are various tools available on the market and online for defense purposes. Like Knives, key chains, guns, personal safety alarms, and many others. However, taser accessories are the safest to use for defense purposes among all self-defense tools.

The reason is that using these accessories reduces the risk of injury. In addition, these accessories are non-lethal weapons and give you space to escape or run away from a dangerous spot.

All taser units generate a 50,000-volt charge every five seconds when fired up to 15 feet. Taser cartridges work anywhere on the body, unlike other personal defense weapons with a specified target area.

As a result, tasers produce no blowback, and it’s safer for the individual wielding them at any distance. In addition, the main assembly is the re-usable part of the Taser is required only replacement batteries. The battery itself is pretty small and fits inside the grip.

Considering a standard Australian power socket delivers 240 volts, you can imagine a taser would kill the person on the receiving end. But because the voltage is provided as a quick blast at a low current and only on the skin and muscles, it drastically lowers the chance of death or severe injury.

Owning taser units would allow you to manipulate and control the situation in your favor without excessive force. You can potentially escape, call for assistance, or, if necessary, deploy a method of lethal force.

It’s also important to remember that, unlike other forms of lethal and non-lethal self-defense, a taser’s pain effects wear off as soon as the device is disabled, and only a little aftercare is required.

We offer different taser products such as stun guns, lipsticks, practice targets, holsters, battery packs, cartridges, power banks, taser pulse, flashlight guns, and many more.

With this wide range, there is no need to go anywhere to find the best suitable defense taser weapon for you. We are here to assist you.

it is suggested you should check your local laws before tempting to accept any taser unit. For example, for some accessories, there are some restrictions to carry; when traveling by air, you need to check out the legal requirements of having a taser.

No matter what defensive you are using, keep in mind if you get panic or fear, you will not be able to use the most potent weapon. So first, conquer your inner fear, then the weapon in your hand will work best. Although with the firm will, half of the battle would turn in your favor before you fight to win.

Let’s join our journey in the mission of giving freedom to our ladies rather than feardom.

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