Sting Rings

When you’re confronted with danger, there’s no time to waste, every second counts! It will help if you act smartly and quickly to tackle the threatening situation. Even if you’re carrying a high-tech gadget, locating the activation buttons or fumbling through your belongings to find the weapon will waste those precious moments and sabotage your life too!

So, it all comes down to a self-defense tool that is always readily available for action. You must be ready and prepared to face even the worst in life. This should not be taken as a warning but as a friendly reminder that your safety lies in your own hands. Literally!

A streetwise sting ring is a tiny gadget that you slide on your finger to add devastating force to your hand. A sting ring is the most advanced weapon in the personal protection industry and features all the amazing benefits of an ordinary stun gun.

No other stun gun matches the efficiency and compactness of a sting ring. It is so small that even your attacker won’t notice the stun gun, giving you an edge to strike back in time. Its shape and design make it easy to use and carry. It can be easily concealed by your hand, exposing only the top of the stun unit.

A stun gun administers electric shock, disrupting the brain’s messages to the voluntary muscles. Upon direct contact with an attacker, a stun gun delivers a high voltage shock causing loss of muscle control, imbalance, confusion, and disorientation, knocking him down to his knees and making him incapable of further aggressive activity. The effects can last up to five to ten minutes, and no permanent harm is done to the target. It helps the user to escape the scene and call for help.

A sting ring features a simple mode of action in which you can activate the strong electric current charge by simply squeezing your palm. The special Squeeze-N-Stun technology saves your valuable time during a panic situation. The rubberized coating gives you a no-slip grip on the unit.

This ring is not a bulky self-defense product like other stun guns and comes in a patent-pending design for a tight grip around the unit during emergencies. The rounded base feels natural and comfortable while perfectly concealed inside your closed fist. When gripped firmly, an attacker would be unable to snatch it away from you.

The safety feature can prevent accidental discharge with a safety switch that is activated quickly with your thumb. The actual voltage output of the unit compares with the other mainstream stun guns.

This stun gun comes with a recharging cord that can be plugged into a standard wall outlet. This product can be conveniently carried in your pocket or purse or imperceptibly worn on your hand. The streetwise security products utilize new technology that helps save seconds when faced with life and death scenarios.

Most stun gun models on the market today are handheld devices that come in various shapes and sizes. New stun gun models are one of our best sellers and a favorite among women. You can wear this ring for security while exercising outdoors, jogging, or walking to or from your car.

Streetwise sting ring features a lifetime warranty against manufacture defects. Additionally, you can find different sizes and models to match your needs.

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