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September 5, 2022

10 Best Self Defense Keychain Tools

The world is changing with every passing day. It is getting more unpredictable and unsafe, especially for women. The right of self-defense never ceases. It is among the most sacred and necessary to nations and individuals. It is highly crucial in dangerous and intimidating situations to avoid being shaken and frozen.  You have what it […]

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September 5, 2022

8 Best Flashlights For Self-defense in 2024

Last year, I visited my sister’s home in Virginia to spend the summer with my champs. The kids were playing games like hide-and-seek while we were relaxing on the lawn and enjoying the pleasant evening wind. While laughing, playing, and running, we were delighted to see them. This setting made us think of the games […]

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August 31, 2022

8 Best Gifts for Women For Self-Defense

When I was sitting in my TV lounge last year, holding a cup of coffee in my hand and a blanket across my shoulders, I was aimlessly flipping through the stations. I refrained from switching channels more because of breaking news on one channel. The shocking news was that a college student had been murdered […]

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