Throwing stars, also known as hira shuriken, which translates to “hidden hand blade” in Japanese, are commonly referred to in the West as Chinese stars despite their Japanese origins. These ninja-throwing stars have been integral to martial arts and ninja-throwing weapon collections for centuries.

Traditional Japanese throwing stars, often associated with ninjas, are star-shaped with projecting blades or points. Historically, ninja stars served as secondary weapons to swords but are highly effective as nonlethal self-defense tools. Practicing throwing stars enhances accuracy and effectiveness, making them a favorite among martial arts enthusiasts.

Dating back to the samurai of the seventh century A.D., throwing stars were not always star-shaped. They could be fashioned into various shapes that the user found comfortable and aerodynamic. These throwing star weapons were used to slow down attackers or serve as distractions in close combat.

The key to a throwing star’s effectiveness lies in its sharpness. Designed to target exposed parts of the body like the face and neck, a sharp blade can cause severe lacerations without embedding deeply in the flesh.

These star sets are both ornamental and functional, perfect for any concealed weapon collection. Stainless steel ensures durability, corrosion resistance, and long-lasting use.

Explore our collection of ninja weapons today. Remember to review your state and local regulations before purchasing to ensure legality. Whether you are practicing for accuracy or adding to your collection, these impressive tools are a must-have.

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