Legal Disclaimer

Women On Guard is dedicated to providing non-lethal self-defense products and promoting safety through education and awareness. Our mission is to empower individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Legal Status of Women On Guard

Women On Guard is a privately-owned entity.

History and Acquisition

Women On Guard previously focused on selling stun guns and pepper sprays. In September 2021, the domain name was put up for sale in a public auction, and we acquired it through this auction.

Detachment Disclaimer from Previous Ownership

Since acquiring the Women On Guard domain in 2021, we have rebuilt the platform independently. While we continue to offer similar products, we have no association with the previous owners or their activities.

Commitment to Reliability and Authenticity

Women On Guard is committed to providing high-quality, reliable products and information. We prioritize your safety and satisfaction in all our endeavors.

For any inquiries, please contact us at

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