Discover the ultimate cell phone stun gun, a powerful self-defense device that seamlessly blends into your daily life. This smartphone stun guns delivers upto 14 million volts of stopping power, cleverly concealed within a design that looks like a real cell phone. Easy to carry in your purse or pocket, it ensures you’re always prepared for any situation without drawing unnecessary attention.

Featuring a bright 50-lumen LED flashlight, these phone stun guns are perfect for illuminating dark areas. The 120dB alarm can draw immediate attention to your situation, adding an extra layer of security.

Measuring just a half-inch thick, it’s incredibly slim and portable. Only close inspection will reveal the true nature of this smartphone stun gun, making it an ideal choice for personal safety.

Our cell phone stun guns are designed with user safety in mind. The safety switch helps prevent accidental discharge, ensuring the device is ready only when you need it.

Compliance with state or local laws is crucial when carrying defense weapons like a stun gun. Understanding and adhering to local and gun laws ensures legal possession and use. Our products are crafted to meet today’s market demands for effective and reliable personal protection.

Whether you’re looking for a cell phone stun or a cell phone taser, our collection offers the best in compact, easy-to-use self defense tools.

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