Jolt Stun Gun

Made of military-grade aluminum alloy, the Jolt stun guns are loaded with power, and they easily fit into a pocket or purse. The nylon holster comes with a belt clip, allowing you to move freely to perform your duties.

In addition, the stun gun is equipped with a wrist strap to disable the pin and prevent the unit from functioning if an attacker takes the unit from you.

An ultra-bright stun flashlight is also included, eliminating the need to carry a separate flashlight. This LED flashlight provides a convenient source of light whenever you need it.

Additionally, the jolt mini stun gun comes with a rechargeable battery. It also features a USB charging cord for use with any USB device.

The rubberized armor coating protects the unit and ensures a firm grip. The safety switch and disable pin must be turned on before the powerful stun gun operates, and the stun activation button is pressed to prevent accidental discharge.

A built-in charger is an advantageous feature. The slide-out plug is included for easy charging, simply plug into any standard wall outlet and take advantage of convenient charging.

With its economical price, the Jolt Stun Gun offers unmatched value without compromising on power and features. Always be prepared with a fully charged device, making it the perfect choice for reliable self-defense.

Before buying a gun, ensure your area’s legal requirements or local laws.

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