Smallest Stun Guns

A powerful stun gun can be your ideal self-defense companion! The mini stun gun packs a powerful punch and delivers the same result as a full-size stun gun, yet it easily fits in the palm of your hand.

The smallest stun gun delivers an impressive electrical arc, causing minor muscle contractions and intolerable pain, leaving attackers in a dazed mental state. When it makes skin contact with an assailant, the strong electric jolt causes disorientation, confusion, a loss of balance, and a loss of muscle control.

Equipped with an arming switch and stun button, it ensures safety in the off position. The powerful electric shock, with its effective electrical charge, can immediately summon law enforcement.

Fire this gun into the air, and the mere loud snapping sound of the electric shock is intimidating enough to stop a would-be assailant in their tracks.

The mini stun guns come with a safety switch to reduce the chances of accidental discharge.

It is very effective in close proximity attacks. Shoulders, hips, thighs, buttocks, and under the rib cage are the most effective stun locations. The close-range minigun differs from tasers or pepper spray in that making direct contact with the target is necessary for its effective administration.

The rechargeable stun gun comes with batteries, so you can continue using them repeatedly rather than purchasing additional cartridges.

Due to restrictions in some states, county, and city laws, we always advise buyers to double-check their local laws.

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