Zap Stun gun

A stun gun is a modern, non-violent weapon that uses high-voltage electric shock to cause your assailant’s muscles to lose control, effectively immobilizing him for approximately 5-10 minutes.

Its small size makes it convenient to carry and gives you protection wherever you go! It also displays a red LED light to notify you when the stun feature is on and helps prevent accidental discharges.

Another great Zap stun gun device is crafted like a walking cane to support you during long strolls and provide you with security against unleashed dogs and other potential threats.

With adjustable length, these canes are powered by a built-in rechargeable battery and produce an intimidating sound when activated. These guns with 1 million stopping power allow you to hit your attackers from a distance. When fully charged, these self-defense guns are operational for a longer period. These are your ideal hike ‘n strike partner!

The walking canes offer an ultra-bright LED flashlight perfect for camping, hunting, and dark spaces. The added feature of a removable reflective safety band and flashlight adds confidence to your pace and ensures a smooth walk.

It is important to review the local laws of your country before you make a purchase. For the adventurous person in you or in your life, the Zap Cane with Flashlight would be ideal. Check them all out!

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