Black Jack 21 Million Volts Stun Gun

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The Streetwise Black Jack 21,000,000* Stun Gun with Alarm combines powerful self-defense features with user-friendly technology. Designed from extensive feedback, it includes a loud alarm and Squeeze-N-Stun Technology for quick activation, making it ideal for personal protection and an advanced upgrade to traditional models.

A separate switch position for the alarm prevents accidental activation when turning off the safety. The stun gun can be used with the light on, allowing simultaneous use of the flashlight and stun feature, providing crucial protection in the dark. The Squeeze-N-Stun Technology allows for quick and easy activation by simply squeezing the unit, saving valuable time in panic situations.

Key Features

  • Loud Alarm: Built-in 120 dB alarm to summon help and deter attackers.
  • Triple Defense System: Combines a bright flashlight, loud alarm, and powerful stun gun for comprehensive self-defense.
  • Two Safety Features: Includes a disable pin to prevent accidental discharge and keep children safe. The stun gun only works when the pin is inserted.
  • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable and natural grip for confident use.
  • Disable Pin: Prevents the stun gun from being used against you if taken by an attacker.
  • Triple Stun Protection: Creates a loud, bright electrical burst for added deterrence.
  • Built-In Charger: Easy charging with a slide-out plug; no cords needed.
  • Holster Included: Comes with a stylish, durable holster with a belt loop for easy carrying.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Made by Streetwise Security Products, the leader in personal protection, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Stun guns can not be shipped to addresses in Connecticut, Washington D.C., Illinois, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Wisconsin.

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5.5 inches x 1.875 inches x 1 inch


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Black Jack 21 Million Volts Stun Gun

Availability: 53 in stock

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