TRIPLE Sting Ring 28,000,000* Stun Gun

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Introducing the Triple Sting Ring 28,000,000* Stun Gun, the latest innovation from Streetwise Security Products. This upgraded model builds on the success of the best-selling Sting Ring, featuring a larger stun zone and additional rings for better hand and knuckle protection.

With a large stun zone offering three times the contact area compared to the original Sting Ring, this device is designed to deliver powerful self-defense. Its tight grip design ensures that it stays securely in your hand, making it difficult to knock out while remaining easy to use and highly concealable.

The knuckle protection covers three fingers, providing extra security for striking. The Squeeze-N-Stun technology allows for quick and easy activation with a simple squeeze. When held, the base of the stun gun is concealed inside your closed fist, leaving only the stun rings exposed, making it a discreet yet effective self-defense tool.


  • Small & Lightweight: Ideal for carrying while exercising outdoors or walking to and from your car.
  • Safety Feature: Equipped with a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge.
  • Rechargeable: Comes with a Micro-USB charging cable.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Backed by a lifetime warranty from Streetwise Security Products, a leader in the personal protection industry


  • Streetwise Triple Sting Ring 28,000,000* Stun Gun
  • Charging Cord
  • Instructions

Stun guns can not be shipped to addresses in Connecticut, Washington D.C., Illinois, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Wisconsin.

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TRIPLE Sting Ring 28,000,000* Stun Gun

Availability: 67 in stock

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