FAKE HIDDEN CAN DIVERSION SAFES. A fake hidden safe, diversion safe, or can safe is better than a locked safe and made out of ordinary household products. These storage devices are discreet, functional, and really inexpensive. They are disguised as everyday household items you find around your house. They fit right in with the rest of the products.
You can get these safes made in shaving cream cans, beer cans, coffee cans and even hair brushes. Stash them in your pantry, refrigerator or cabinet. No one will ever know you are hiding something in them you don’t want anyone else to find or see. You can hide cash, jewelry, your passport or anything of value.
Can safes are weighted to feel full and easy to use. Just unscrew the top, add your valuables, screw the top back on. Put the can of Heineken in the refrigerator and it blends right in with the other drinks. Can safes are inexpensive and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen and blend in with other household items.
If you are traveling, these fake hidden can diversion safes should be part of what you add to your luggage. Additionally, if you are leaving your home for an extended stay somewhere, you can stash your jewelry or valuables in one of these safes just in case there is a home invasion.

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