Stun Batons

Stun Batons

A stun baton is an ideal self-defense weapon designed to temporarily disable an attacker by delivering a nonlethal high-voltage electric shock. These intimidating weapons pack about 12 million or more volts of electricity.

These are in high demand due to their diverse functionality and are featured best-selling due to their multi-purpose attributes.

Stun batons follow the same principle as stun guns that produce a high voltage current to disable a target by momentarily disrupting voluntary muscle control. A stun baton must always make direct contact with the target to shock effectively.

The longer length of this formidable weapon makes it possible to scare an aggressor from a distance. Baton stun gun provides a comparatively long-distance range for added personal protection.

A stun baton can also be used as a conventional baton to hit an aggressor in case of danger. The mere look of this frightening baton is sometimes enough to intimidate an aggressor in many circumstances.

Police have long used the self-defense tools like a taser and other stun batons to subdue criminals.

The modern stun gun is a powerful self-defense weapon with triple stun technology. This advanced feature allows the electric charge to emit from three different contact points, increasing the radius and range of a stun gun baton and providing better protection against a target.

The stun batons come with a built-in led flashlight that illuminates the entire area and may help distract an aggressor briefly before using the stun shock feature.

A stun baton also comes with an additional safety switch to prevent an accidental discharge.

These defense products are sturdy and long-lasting as they are usually made of top-notch military-grade aluminum alloy.

The self-defense products come in various shapes and voltages to give more authority and freedom to choose.

A pepper spray has been a favorite choice among women due to its sleek design and simple handling. Like a pepper spray, a stun baton also comes in handy because of its added features and convenient shape.

The stun guns are designed with a wrist strap for easy carrying and strengthening the grip on the rubber handle. The best stun baton offers the added features of a blinding flashlight, loud alarm, and holster holder.

The stun guns produce a terrifying sound when activated, which may help scare away the target in many cases.

The stun guns come with fully rechargeable batteries that can be easily connected through a wire to a standard wall outlet.

Some states put restrictions on stun gun devices. Always check your local laws before purchasing the stun batons for your protection. We also carry a great selection of quality self-defense weapons, all with lifetime warranties.

Now, you’ll never be afraid to walk home late at night!

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