A man without a knife is a man without life. And a sharp knife is nothing without a keen eye. We are making our women strong with not only tasers, stuns, and other gear but also blades. They are smart enough to use a carver to protect themselves.

Usually, it is said that a woman’s eye cut is more profound than a cutter. However, ladies of this age are even more competent and skillful than men. From the big screen to the military and other real-life examples, you can see them using all weapons artfully. Women on Guard want to make every ordinary lady a wonder woman.

Now let’s talk about defense with a throwing a knife!

Self-defense with a car is a great idea. These knives are easy to carry and lightweight. In addition, these knives are less expensive than other defensive gear like pistols, rifles, and handguns. If you are not fond of having a firearm or are not legally authorized to keep a gun, you can keep a cutter for self-defense.

There is no need to have a license to possess a cutter. You can use these tools as EDC (everyday carry) or guard yourself. If you are using these tools for self-defense, you need to learn techniques, but for firearms, there is a need for proper training and license.

The category of knives that are used for self-defense purposes has different types, such as folding knives, tactical knives, pocket knives, fixed blade knives, and butterfly knives. All these types are well known for self-defense.

These knives work excellent to suspend your assailant and make him unable to harm you. It is made of quality cold steel or other materials. It has two sections, a acute blade and a handle for grip. It also varies from model to model, like a butterfly knife has a different design. It is designed and weighted to be thrown effectively.

You may think and try to throw any kitchen or utility carver. However, keep in mind that every carver is not designed for throwing. Using a carver apart from its planned use can be hazardous for the handler. The utensils used these days have been extensively modernized from the early hunting days and are now well designed and perfectly adjusted for a particular use.

There are three basic types of these carvers:

The handle-heavy throwing knife

The carver-heavy throwing knife

The balanced throwing knife

You can choose your favorite one according to your preference.

The handle-heavy knife is heavy, with the focal point of gravity more towards the handle. Therefore, it works ideally with no-spin throwing. An ideal approach to grasping a handle-heavy knife for throwing is to hold it at the carver end.

However, the perfect approach to throwing a carver heavy throwing knife is with a handle hold. A balanced cutter with its weight equally distributed throughout the object is the perfect throwing knife for beginners or people with a lower skill level. You may also vary the grip as per your comfort and ease.

Knives are not evil, except they are carried by a evil wielder. Only the knife knows what goes on in the heart of a pumpkin. In the same way, defending yourself doesn’t mean violence. Use any lethal or non-lethal weapon to stop the opponent from harming you. Fight back but with the approach of guarding yourself. Never kill a person or badly injure the attacker when it becomes the last option. Instead, try to escape, run away or call the police.

Throwing a carver by an expert is different from when a layperson throws it. When a skillful person throws a carver, it buries itself deep into the opponent’s body because it carries considerable force behind it.

Therefore, it can harm the target adversely if it doesn’t penetrate the bone. But throwing a cutter by a layperson might add another tool to his attacker’s defense gear. So there could be another thing that might make you worry.

After throwing a carver, you’ll be bare-handed; then, how could you defend yourself?

Don’t worry; there is a solution. It is suggested to keep other self-defense weapons with you. Such as stun guns, taser guns, pepper sprays, alarms, and tactical gear and equipment. There is no need to browse elsewhere. Just visit “Women on Guard.” from throwing blades to taser guns, every kind of self-defense weapon is in our stock.

Before going to buy check your local laws first.

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