Taser Bolt

The TASER Bolt is a redesigned version of the C2, offering the same powerful knockdown capability as law enforcement TASERs but weighing only 7 ounces. This lightweight, compact taser energy weapon easily fits in a pocket or purse, making it ideal for personal protection.

The TASER Bolt 2 features a 15-foot cartridge, allowing you to maintain a safe distance between yourself and an attacker. When fired, the TASER Bolt delivers a 30-second energy burst, incapacitating the attacker and providing a crucial window of opportunity for you to escape safely.

This self-defense device is designed with user safety in mind. The safety cap prevents accidental discharge, and the red targeting laser helps ensure accuracy when deploying the TASER Bolt. Whether you’re using it for home defense or personal protection, this stun gun provides peace of mind in any situation.

In addition to the TASER Bolt, the TASER Pulse is another top-tier self-defense option. Manufactured by TASER International, the TASER Pulse is an industry-leading, less-than-lethal weapon suitable for both home and business defense. This contact stun gun delivers multiple electrical cycles, effectively incapacitating attackers.

These taser energy weapons are effective self-defense devices that offer a reliable alternative to traditional firearm or handgun cartridges.

Before purchasing, be sure to check your state or local laws to ensure compliance. With these advanced self-defense tools, you can maintain peace of mind and protect yourself and your loved ones from potential threats.

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