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According to a recent survey, 43% of all women have endured harassment in one way or another while running. Still, the number of incidents gets staggeringly high the younger the runners get. Sometimes, seemingly harmless verbal assaults escalate into violent behaviors, which means no one is virtually safe in this world.

This number is surely frightening, but fear will not help combat street crime while jogging. What we need is real protection that is both reliable and strong!

The advent of pepper sprays has opened new avenues of non-lethal tools that we can easily carry for our personal safety. A mace brand pepper spray is a deadly power condensed in a bottle that allows us to tackle multiple threats at a safe distance with the slight push of our thumb.

The active ingredient in the spray causes respiratory distress, severe coughing bouts, impaired vision, and an intense burning sensation on the skin. The effects can last up to 20 to 45 minutes, providing enough time to move away from danger.

Since these sprays are non-fatal, all the effects daze out after some time, and no medical attention is usually required.

Mace brand is committed to providing self-defense products with its extra-strong formulations in every canister. In addition, its products are competitively advanced to match the high benchmark set by sabre runner pepper gel.

Unlike pepper spray, a pepper gel reduces the chances of wind blowback and misfires. It is a great feature, especially for joggers who may have to act fast during an unexpected confrontation. It also provides the added benefit of using this spray outdoors in unpredictable weather conditions.

The gel stream also provides a greater range to target the approaching attackers. The effective range of these products can vary from 8 to 10 feet. Sabre pepper gel with a reflective sabre logo is also a safe option for outdoor adventurers.

The triple-action pepper sprays contain powerful irritants, oleoresin capsicum, tear gas, and UV marking dye. The UV marking dye helps the authorities identify the perpetrators and supports further investigation.

This pepper spray comes with an adjustable hand strap to put the canister on your hand for immediate access. The hand strap gives a secure, snuggly, and comfortable fit; you won’t even know when you’re wearing it!

Mace brand sprays are an ideal choice for early jogging, late-night running errands, or just exercising outdoors. Your safety should be your priority but not at the risk of compromising your health. Your health and safety should go hand in hand.

These self-defense sprays come in a flip cap design to prevent accidental discharge. The new products sometimes also include a key ring to hook these units on your purse, backpacks, car keys, or belts.

Each mace brand spray is labeled with an expiration date and usually remains effective from 3 to 4 years. Therefore, it is very cost-effective, and you can replace it easily once it expires.

So, take this ultra-sleek and discreetly shaped pepper spray with you next time you plan to walk your dog or do a little outdoor exercise. The easy-access spray is sure to provide you security and peace of mind. Most sprays we carry are refillable with a mace brand refill unit.

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