The TASER X26C is a personal defense tool that builds on the robust capabilities of the TASER X26, which is widely used by law enforcement agencies. This model offers the same powerful takedown ability as the law enforcement-grade TASER X26 but is designed to be more compact and easier to carry for personal use.

The TASER X26C is capable of TASER CAM, allowing you to capture incidents on video. It also has options for an extended grip and a second cartridge holder, providing additional functionality and convenience.

The TASER X26C features a digital power magazine that powers the device and tracks the remaining battery life. For those who need extra power, an extended digital power magazine is available. Additionally, this model comes with a spare cartridge clip, ensuring you have a backup ready when needed. The TASER X26C also supports a spare cartridge case for easy storage and transport of additional cartridges.

Carrying the TASER X26C is made even more convenient with available accessories like a shoulder holster, which ensures the device is always within reach. The special instructions window on the device provides quick reference guides, making it user-friendly and accessible even in high-stress situations.

Government law enforcement agencies and accredited security professionals trust TASER weapons for their reliability and effectiveness.

Legal in most states without a permit, the TASER X26C is an excellent choice for personal defense. It’s available at a good price, making it an affordable yet powerful addition to your safety arsenal.

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