Hidden Spy Cameras with DVRs

Have you seen the top trending videos showing the nanny brutally hitting the baby or the courier guy ruthlessly throwing the valuable package in the driveway? These and many more eye-opening reels like them have created awareness among the public to find ways to reassert security at home behind their backs.

With the onslaught of technological advancements, the surveillance camera industry has shown massive progress and evolution with its unobtrusive high-tech video recorder. The hidden DVR camera is the new ‘it’ thing to have hit the digital market.

It has opened new horizons for journalists, video enthusiasts, vulnerable female employees, and many more to get armed with a recorder and produce a covert video when required.

Real hidden spy cameras are video cameras that record people without their knowledge. The camera is “hidden” because it is either not visible to the subject being filmed or is disguised as another object. These items will add an extra layer of protection since no one will know you’re using them!

A hidden camera is moveable and discreet as it can be wired or wireless. You can change the placement of your camera whenever you want without any stressful wiring installation. This allows you to take your camera wherever you go and record whenever needed.

When away from home, parents always have an incessant apprehension about the safety of children left alone or with their babysitters. These cameras let them monitor their activities frequently while doing their job or just chilling with their friends.

Similarly, these cameras can also allow business owners to check their staff off-site regularly. The shop owners can keep tabs on their finances and customers’ interactions while being away from their work.

Hidden cameras may also have audio capability. Private investigators and law enforcement often use spy cameras to collect evidence.

Basic human rights are guarded with the use of spy cameras. The hidden camera can record the whole thing if you are a victim of harassment or any other crime. After reporting the crime, you can bring in your concrete evidence to substantiate your case. This solid proof will help to gather more information or, maybe in extreme cases, later be used in court proceedings.

A hidden camera may be activated manually, by remote control, or may work on the feature of motion detection. Your camera will only be activated and start recording when something moves at home, sparing the precious battery life.

The hidden cameras offer great battery life as they are much smaller than regular security cameras, so they require lesser charging time. Since these cameras are hidden, they are not likely to be attacked or vandalized. This can ensure the safety of a rather expensive piece of equipment and give you more freedom to deploy wherever you need it.

Some can be indoor, outdoor, or body-worn. Cameras with night vision can record activity outside your house every night to ensure your home is safe and sound.

We have a variety of hidden cameras to choose from. Even if you are on a budget, there is a hidden camera waiting just for you! Still have questions? Contact us today so we can help.

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