An empowered girl, no matter how girly she is, whether she loves unicorns and rabbits and wears sparkly stars in her hair and glitter nail polish, needs to know how to defend herself.

We “Women on Guard” believes that no woman deserves to grow or stay alive like a fragile flower. We would love here to guard the beauty of these rosy petals.

With our mission of making women strong, they’ll fight every mean coward just like a bad-ass!

Self-defense is not just about fighting and showing others your capabilities. It is also not about just performing fancy movies. And it is more about all these concepts. You must be prepared for unknown threats even if you are not professionally trained. Women should be resilient and able to handle all types of adversity, big or small.

They also should be confident in handling things because of their physical and mental skills. Although self-defense training is essential, you should have self-defense tools if you don’t. Properly using a weapon by reading the situation at the right time with a sharp mind is the fundamental trick to winning the situation. So we are here with another fantastic self-defense tool, the “Safety technology stun gun.”

Safety technology stun guns are designed to ensure the ultimate protection and safety of the users, especially women. It has a unique trigger design for easy operation. In an uncomfortable situation, while walking or traveling, quickly pull the trigger and win the situation. Then, seeing your assailant falling to knees and asking for mercy, you’ll feel good!

This safety technology trigger stun gun able to fire 18000,000 volts of stun. With its super attributes, it is a compact package for self-defense. Surprise your attacker with This trigger stun gun’s ability to release an electrical current, which can immobilize the assailant.

In addition, the stopping power on the safety technology trigger stun gun is fantastic, with 4.8 milliamps of electrical current to bring down the attacker begging for pity. With this safety technology self-defense weapon, you’ll never feel alone. With a quick pull of the trigger, Its full stopping power will help you to keep your attacker on its track.

This exciting safety technology trigger stun gun is designed with a 100-lumen stun gun flashlight. The stun gun flashlight can blind the attacker and be used as an everyday flashlight. Moreover, the best function of this flashlight is to blind your attacker.

It also comes with a wrist strap disable pin, an added safety feature. By disabling pin wrist strap, you can save it from children to use. If the safety stun gun were knocked out of your hand or snatched (which has a lower chance due to its rubberized coating), it would be rendered useless with its disabling pin wrist strap feature. You’ll feel classy and confident when it is around your wrist.

It is made with a rubberized coating for a tight grip to enhance its functionality. It also has a nylon holster to keep this safety technology unit for easy operation and carry. Built-in recharger prongs eliminate the need to maintain another charger with you. The charge on the nickel-cadmium battery can last up to 3 months, depending on usage.

This super trigger stun gun is available in colors such as pink, purple-red, green, and many more. So you can choose your favorite color which you like the most, or invite your friend to assist you in selecting the best one for you. In addition, the stunning trigger stun gun has a lifetime warranty as your loyal guard with its safety technology.

Before buying this great trigger stun gun, it is a piece of advice to check the local laws of your area.

We have a comprehensive collection of this stun gun in our stock. So we are welcoming you to become our customer. We believe a customer is the king of the market. And we’ll treat you like a queen if you are a lady!

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