TASER X26 Camera HD Audio/Video

TASER Camera Audio/Video for the TASER X26 and TASER X26c. SPECIAL ORDER ! Please call 954-916-7955


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TASER Camera Audio/Video for the TASER X26 and TASER X26c.

Audio/Video Recording for Enhanced Accountability (United States).

Records approximately 1.5 hours of audio and MPEG video (black and white at 10 frames per second in QVGA format(320x 240).

Records subjects in complete darkness using an infrared illuminator.

Rechargeable power supply compatible with all TASER X26 devices.

Central Information Display (CID) provides a warning if the camera lens is blocked.

Comes complete with USB download cable, download software and wall charger.

Storage bay for a spare TASER X26 cartridge.

SPECIAL ORDER ! Please call 954-916-7955

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